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Chicken Francese

February 5, 2015

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Well, big for me.  In April, I’ll be indulging my wanderlust with an almost month-long trip to Palm Beach, New York, Holland, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.

Pinch me.


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My mind is absolutely buzzing with excitement!  I’m going to have the opportunity to visit friends near and far, while re-discovering favorite places and checking a few new ones off of my bucket list.  And of course there’s the topic of food  (you knew I’d go there).   I get to rekindle my relationships with my favorite New York City haunts such as Luke’s Lobster, Mark Burger, and Eataly.  In Holland (when I’m not getting lost in the rainbow of millions of flowers in the Keukenhof Gardens) I’m going to tickle my sweet tooth with traditional Dutch pannenkoeken and stroopwafel.


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And then there’s Italy. The land of hand-crafted pastas and pizza, fresh cheeses, gelato and chianti.  In addition to touring and tasting my way through Tuscan wineries and villages, I’m splurging on a traditional Tuscan cooking class.  That’s right, I’m fulfilling the ultimate foodie dream of cooking with and learning the ways of the masters!  I have a feeling that by the time I reach the Amalfi Coast, I’ll  be 10 pounds happier and ready to counter-balance my carbohydrate consumption with the fresh seafood that’s native to the region.


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In anticipation of shamelessly indulging my appetite throughout the entirety of the trip, I’ve decided to jump back on the Dukan Diet wagon.  You probably haven’t heard of it (as it’s heavily rooted in Europe), but it’s essentially another low-carb high-protein diet.  The Dukan Diet is the only program I’ve succeeded with that was actually enjoyable, in great part because it’s cheese-friendly (aka “Whitney Happy”), and requires a certain amount of oat bran consumption each day which seriously helps curb cravings for the “naughtier” carbohydrates.


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Most of the recipes that I post on Nursing My Appetite are my own, but every now and then I delight in sharing a fellow blogger or friend’s creation.  Especially when they are just too darn amazing NOT to share with the world.  And this, my friends, is possibly my favorite chicken dish I’ve made.  Ever.  I cheated a bit on Dukan with the incorporation of the wine and flour (worth it!), but it’s overall a super healthy and flavor-packed dish that will not disappoint.  It is amazing on it’s own, with a side salad, or over a simple pasta (the sauce is amazing and could easily double as a lemony pasta sauce).


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.31.53 PM


Introducing Chicken Francese by the ever-talented Gina of SkinnyTaste!


Buon appetito!


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  1. Cheryl Hood permalink
    February 5, 2015 7:52 am

    Wow Whitney your trip sounds awesome!!!! Best to you sweet girl~~xoxo. Cheryl

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